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By opening to our intrinsic sensitivity, all of us can intuitively sense the power of music.  Music -- like the Universe Itself -- is purely vibrational in nature.  By making use of music's vibratory qualities through resonance, "magnetic" pointing forces, tonal symbols and times waves, we can change our vibratory rates to attune with the Higher Nature of the Universe.



  • We can feel the power of music without intellectually understanding it (e.g., marches, rock-'n'-roll, chanting, heartfelt songs, etc.).
  • [demonstration of this using examples of sounds with their corresponding visual images, a phenomenon called "synesthesia"]



  • Resonance is a function of something's vibratory rate.  Everything is vibrational in nature and all rates of vibration exist in nature.  As we think and feel, we can change our vibratory rate to attune to any of these vibrations, be they "high" or "low," or "harmonious" or "inharmonious."
  • [demonstration of oscillating pendulums]
  • Karma is the result of our vibratory rate.  Through our thoughts, feelings and actions, we attune with the various forces of the physical and spiritual universes.  If we wish to change our karma, we must change our vibratory rates.  One way we can change our vibratory rates is by listening to music.



  • Sound is pure vibratory energy.  It has properties of amplitude, frequency, wave propagation, phase cancellation, resonance, sonority, dissonance and consonance.
  • Music makes use of these properties of sound but also goes beyond the mechanical physics of sound by using the properties of "tension" and "resolution."  This is possible by making use of the "pointing" properties of tonal intervals.  ("Pointing" is analogous to the attraction and repulsion forces of magnetism.)
  • [demonstration of sound/note "pointing"]
  • The "tension/resolution" characteristic of music is really a metaphor for life itself, since life is full of both these qualities.  As tension/resolution forces in music are manipulated, so the forces inherent in our lives can be manipulated.  Music, then, is sound imbued with life!



  • Music is sound that has patterns of "feeling-intelligence" superimposed onto it.  Those patterns can be used to change our vibratory rate.
  • Symbols are the language of the subconscious and Superconscious minds and, as such, have meaning to the Higher Self.
  • [demonstration showing example of cube becoming a cross]
  • Tonal symbols use musical sounds to convey meaning to the Higher Self, building a resonance between us and the Higher Self.
  • [demonstration using examples of tonal symbols]



  • Time is the "Prima Materia" of the physical universe and without it there would be no physical universe.  However, the spiritual universe has no time (and this is partly why psychics have such difficulty in predicting when something is going to happen in the three-dimensional world).  By entraining ourselves with the rhythm of music and then slowing down the music, we can slow down our rate at which we function in the physical universe.  As we stop our sense of the passage of time, we can enter the spiritual universe where there is no time and, once there, can make our spiritual contacts.
  • [demonstration of tempo deceleration and/or acceleration]



Music, then, becomes a tool we can use to come into contact with our Spiritual Nature. This is the spiritual power of music.

[demonstration using music example of "Voyage into Silence”]


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