Music is a reflection of life.  Music can range from harsh to tender, frenzied to peaceful, fearful to empowered, desperate to enraptured, as can we, in Life.  As a composer weaves notes and chords into rhythms, phrases and melodies to create music, so, too, do we weave into our lives the thoughts, emotions and lessons learned to create our own personal “music.”  As our lives continue, our music grows and develops into a kind of “Life Symphony.”  That Symphony can range from a cacophony of unresolved emotions, unfocused energies and unfulfilled dreams, to a harmonious work of splendor and magnificence – depending on how we have organized, interpreted and integrated the day-by-day experiences of our lives.


Our Life Symphony is a collection of many “themes” composed over a lifetime of personal experience.  The following guide, patterned after the Prayer of Saint Francis, may be helpful in creating the “music” for your personal Life Symphony:



Where there is discord, let your music bring harmony.

Where there is uncertainty, let your music bring confidence.

Where there is fear, let your music bring courage.

Where there is weakness, let your music bring strength.

Where there is sickness, let your music bring healing.

Where there is chaos, let your music bring peace.

Where there is hatred, let your music bring forgiveness.

Where there is violence, let your music bring gentleness.

Where there is sorrow, let your music bring joy.

Where there is loneliness, let your music bring love.

Where there is need for spiritual attunement, let your music be

The Song of God.





Herb Ernst

April 20, 1987




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