Welcome to my Special Projects page!  Listed here are some of my individual music pieces that are not on any of my albums, or other people's albums that have used my music in their soundtracks -- either using music that's already available on my existing albums or created specifically for a particular project.













"The Power of a Dream" -- Intuitive Music Concert at Comox, BC

This intuitive, improvised music was part of a larger presentation I gave on Tonal Symbols and The Spiritual Power of Music.  You can listen to all 27 minutes of the recording for free or download it at whatever price chosen by you.  Here's the link to copy-and-paste:




"The Spirit of Resurrection -- Roll the Stone Away"

This recording -- orchestrated for piano, strings and choir -- also incorporates tonal symbols (e.g., trills, arpeggios, volume dynamics, and a special "rolling aside of a tomb stone 'door'" sound effect) that all speak to the heart of the listener to create a resonance with the higher energies of soul essence. Resurrection, typically associated with Jesus's overcoming death, also refers to overcoming personal challenges and the start of new beginnings. Rolling away of a stone tomb door can also refer to the falling away of spiritual blindness, limitation and unenlightened thinking, and in so doing, opening the path to a clear, illuminated way of thinking and living one's life. 

For a more personal, intimate, and powerful experience, I suggest listening to the song through headphones.

This is an instrumental recording with choir vocalizations but no lyrics.

This music was released April 20, 2014.

Here's the link to copy-and-paste:


There's also a video on YouTube that uses this music as it's soundtrack:




"The Spirit of Resurrection"

This track is identical to the track "The Spirit of Resurrection -- Roll the Stone Away," except that it omits the sound effect of the stone being rolled aside. (It is offered for those who simply want to enjoy the music itself without embellishment.)  Here's the link to copy-and-paste:














Shirley MacLaine's video Inner Workout and her double audio cassette Going Within used my music in their soundtracks.  Copy/paste this link for more information:









 Spirit Awakens

Spirit Awakens is a collaborative effort, with Dr. Duncan Goheen and his wife Marilee contributing spoken affirmations and intuitive harmonic overtone soundings overlaying my music improvisations.  The result is a recording of relaxing, spiritually centering, life-affirming, meditative audio energy from The Global Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing quality training, research, healing and study programs for humans to experience higher possibilities, creativity and service.  To find out more about the Global Institute and this recording, copy/paste this link:








I've worked with teacher/singer/motivational speaker Jan Frichot on four recordings of guided meditations:

  • Pathway to Healing [for inner purification, negative energy release and physical/emotional/spiritual rejuvenation]
  • Rainbow Ride [for recharging the inner self for greater strength and clarity]
  • River of Peace [for relaxation, meditation and restoration of inner peace and serenity]
  • The Perfect Teacher [for teachers working to increase clarity, direction, motivation and quality into their methods]

The recordings consist of one track of narration with musical accompaniment and a second track of only the musical soundtrack.  (The "music only" soundtrack facilitates a listener to go on his or her own self-guided personal inner journey.)

Copy/paste this link for more information:









Laurie Grant's Tools of Enlightenment

I provided the soundtrack to Laurie Grant's video and audiocassettes that covered such topics as:

  1. Grounding and Running Earth and Cosmic Energy
  2. Meeting Your Spirit Guides
  3. Generating Universal Heart Energy

You can find out more by copy-pasting this link:









I have worked, and continue to work, with individuals from a multiplicity of disciplines from North America, Australia and elsewhere.  More will be added to this list.




Thank you for your interest in my music and for visiting my new website -- complete with a player that lets you hear ALL my albums in their entirety!

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