“To Herb and Shannon with Love and Light and much admiration for your talent!”

~~ Shirley MacLaine, actress, author, Life Journeyer; written on an autographed promotional flyer for her video Inner Workout and double audiocassette Going Within that both incorporated Herb Ernst’s music that comprised most of their soundtracks.



"When meeting him, the source of his marvelous music is better understood, for Herb Ernst is an extraordinary spiritual being.  Perhaps that is why Shirley MacLaine chose his music for three-fourths of her Going Within double audiocassette. His Dreamflight Trilogy is one of the finest sets of New Age music tapes ever created."

~~ Jack Clarke, author of Life After Grief -- A Soul Journey After Suicide



“The Angel of Comfort must surely inhabit the synthesizer of Herb Ernst.  Herb’s music is breathtaking in its shimmering radiance, eternal in its celestial scope, and healing in its heartwarming connections.  A salve straight from Heaven.”

~~ Carol Wright, Music Reviewer, NAPRA ReVIEW, for Herb’s album Bringers of the Dawn



"COMMUNITY MUSIC has the pleasure to introduce the winner of the week from 10/07/2013 to 14/10/2013, the musician and composer HERB ERNST.  With this win, his work will be published with high honor this week."

~~ A COMUNIDADE MUSICAL, online music website



"Dreamflight II is stately and graceful, combining elegance, majesty and serenity.  It reminds us of the magic beauty of the Earth – the Earth as a cathedral, holy, dignified, sacred and loving.  The music is relaxing and inspirational.  It facilitates meditation, visualization, massage or healing work.  It is a reminder of the quiet knowingness within each of us and helps us to connect with that power.”

~~ Zenith Supplies Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 2, June 1988



“It is the most beautiful music I have ever encountered."

~~ Evelyn Hadican, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



"Your music has touched my soul, elevated my consciousness and warmed my heart as no other music has..."

~~ Larry Smith, Orlando, Florida



" ...I was able to become aware of my God-self…. I was moved physically, emotionally and spiritually."

~~ Tamara Nesterenko, Carmel, California



"We love your tape -- absolutely, totally and completely.  It's great!”

~~ Barry Vissell, MD, and author for Ramira Publishing, Aptos, California



"My chiropractor has played Dreamflight during my treatments."

~~ A.J. Scalzo, Prairie Village, Kansas



"It gets nerve-wracking in this environment (prison) and hard to stay composed.  I truly enjoy Dreamflight as it helps soothe the 'savage beast’ in me.”

~~ [name withheld], Kansas State Industrial Reformatory



"Dreamflight is wonderful!  My wife and I use it for meditation."

~~ Norman Tippner, Silverton, Oregon



"I’m intrigued by your music, graceful and majestic...serene yet powerful, like the Earth herself."

~~ Carlee Stewner, Seattle, Washington



"The new tape is great -- my constant freeway companion."

~~ BIll Kohlmeier, Seattle, Washington



"After listening to Dreamflight for the twentieth time, I can assure you that it reaches and touches the spiritual and mystical parts of my Being….You beautifully interweave different melodies and each etude is highly pleasing, ever new and constantly refreshing.”

~~ Daniel A. Dansak, Mobile, Alabama



"Dreamflight has that special combination of both musical and meditative integrity….Dreamflight is genuinely oriented to the internal experience of the listener, bringing the listener to a deeper state.”

~~ James Hardman, Anahata Music Publishing, Eastsound, Washington



"I heard 'Awakening Stars' [from Dreamflight] on Musical Starstreams …. after listening to Dreamflight ... stress dissipated ... I felt so utterly at peace and filled with joy.”

~~ Michelle Griffen, Schenectady, New York



“I use your music to get me through the long hours of my medical studies.  Thank you for Dreamflight."

~~ Charles Cannizzaro, Kingsport, Tennessee



Dreamflight I and II are New Age classics -- the best I've heard so far.  I salute your divinity…."


~~ Joseph Leclern, Mt. Shasta, California



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


A teacher, Mr. Tingstad, from the Seattle, Washington area, in an effort to create a peaceful environment for a “Quiet Time” in his classroom, played music from one of Herb Ernst’s recordings for his very young students.  Mr. Tingstad was kind enough to share with Herb Ernst a letter a student had written to him regarding his experience when listening to this recording.  Below is a direct transcript of the text of this letter presented in the language, punctuation and spelling of this child.  (Note:  a digital scan of the actual letter is presented in the "Mojo-Photo Gallery" of this website.}


Dear Mr. Tingstad,


I love this song more than any of the ones you have ever played.  It is soooo breathtaking that earlyer all I could do is listen to it!!!  I think Mother Nature is the most beautiful thing there is or ever was!  The world is very very very nice to all of us!


I love






* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


NOTE:  This is just a small sampling of comments made by many admirers of Herb Ernst’s music since his music was formally introduced to the world beginning in 1986.





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