The Dreamflight Trilogy – A Poem


{Note:  Texts in italics refer to particular song titles and/or liner notes in The Dreamflight Trilogy recordings.}




Whispering mists gently disperse into the nighttime stillness as Awakening stars twinkle through the needles of a sleeping pine tree.




Oh, peaceful night!  As the galaxy delights in a celestial descent of the candlelit heavens, I drink in the healing liquid indigo sky!




At the center of all things, in the space between spaces, in reverence I begin a quest, sailing into the sea of the Stillness Within -- a Voyage into Silence.




Above me music glistens like a silver aura, then sweeps down to me in a dazzling wave of tinkling bells.  My thoughts sparkle like crystal echoes reflected in a midnight ocean.



As this music soars through me like a singing wind, carrying me higher on shimmering wings of silken strings, I begin a celestial ascent -- a Dreamflight into Higher Consciousness.



The quiet magnitude of the celestial treasure above is surpassed only by the limitless power of the Song of God within!




The Light of Forever speaks to me of timeless ages, stories of a wondrous Power needing to express itself through Love, the Prima Materia of Creation!



The freedom of forgiveness opens the monastery of my heart like a blooming rose opens to meet the new day -- and the fragrance is the flower's lovely song!


In this new knowing, old thought patterns crumble, releasing their captive spirit like crumbling ancient castles releasing their secret mists!



In the creation of Mother Earth, Gaia sings her joyful song as the enchanted dance of Life begins!  New melodies emerge as vibrant Energies join Her in singing their Cosmic song!


I realize that cessation is Creation and ending is Beginning!


The Life Symphony continues!


The ascension continues!


Such grandeur in this Quiet Power!  Sing the refrain again!  Though played in different keys and meters, the process of Creation is music eternal, all the same!


Thus in Light our Song of the Soul is sung, with the Word as the total lyric:  "All is Spirit, all Divine -- We are always One in Light!"






Peace Profound,

Herb Ernst, August 1990




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