For those of you who like music videos, there are about 60 of them (so far!) on YouTube that use my music as soundtracks.  Here's a link you can follow to get started:

Also, angelic-voiced singer/lyricist Unita and I have collaborated on several songs on my albums Bringers of the Dawn and Angels and Ecstasy, and her album Through the Veils (I composed and played the music and she wrote and sang the lyrics). Some of these songs have also been used as soundtracks on YouTube music videos. [Like my albums, Unita’s Through the Veils recording is available from CD Baby as well (and elsewhere).] In alphabetical order, these collaborative songs (with their associated albums) are:

  • Angel Wings (Angels and Ecstasy)
  • Father’s Dream (Through the Veils)
  • Joey’s Angel (Bringers of the Dawn)
  • Magic Love (Angels and Ecstasy and Through the Veils)
  • Romantique Fantastique (Angels and Ecstasy)
  • Song of the Rose (Through the Veils)
  • The Dove’s Cry (Through the Veils)

Here's a link to Unita’s Through the Veils album on CD Baby:

Unita: Through the Veils - 10th Anniversary Special Edition

I invite you to enjoy these additional songs!




Thank you for your interest in my music and for visiting my new website -- complete with a player that lets you hear ALL my albums in their entirety!

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