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Winifred (“Winnie”) Ann Rich – artist, teacher, author of Wake Up! To All You Are, a Reiki master, an environmentalist, a mother, grandmother and Shannon’s and my friend – went peacefully back to God on June 25, 2017, in Centennial, Colorado, at the age of 73.

You may know of her through her art which graces the covers of my albums Dreamflight II and Dreamflight III.  When I asked her if she could paint the images I had in mind, after only a brief description she rendered them more beautifully than anything I had envisioned.  (The Dreamflight III painting became the cover illustration of a music vendor’s catalog when the album was released in 1990.)

Her wonderful children's book with its charming illustrations and profound spiritual message Wake Up! To All You Are is available through Amazon at:


Winnie is survived by her children, Shaun Rich and Monicah Moffitt, and her four grandchildren.

Winnie was born on June 6, 1944, in Princeton, New Jersey to Richard and Marguerite Sawin.

The lives of those who knew her were enriched by her presence, her inspiration and her kindness.  She will be deeply missed.



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