The Dreamflight Trilogy is a collection of music whose themes were derived while Herb was in a meditative state.  Some pieces were played in their entirety only once, without composition or rehearsal.  Others came in "sections" and were only later arranged into a particular chosen sequence.  The Trilogy is the result of an attempt to capture via recorded media the sounds, images and feelings Herb perceived while in a meditative state.  Each album in the Trilogy was written for a specific purpose.  Dreamflight, released in 1986, was written for relaxation.  Dreamflight II, released in 1987, was designed for meditation.  The capstone of the Trilogy, Dreamflight III, released in 1990, was created for inspiration.

Other albums include:

  • Diamond Soul, that focuses on attaining inner peace through balancing all aspects of our being by achieving clarity, purity and Wholeness via a conscious connection with the Universal Divine Love-Intelligence;
  • Angels and Ecstasy, that musically combines sacred spirituality with passionate sensuality to facilitate the energizing and balance of these fundamental aspects of our nature;
  • Bringers of the Dawn, that facilitates contact with the Inner Child; and
  • Lightrider, a work-in-progress that will facilitate personal spiritual empowerment.

These albums again demonstrate the spectacular range of Herb’s musical talents and the use of tonal symbols Herb employs to reach listeners at their innermost spiritual levels.

Herb's music has inspired many.  Shirley MacLaine was so impressed with Herb’s music that she used "The Light of Forever" from Dreamflight II onher video Inner Workout.  For her double audiocassette Going Within, she included "The Light of Forever" again, and also selected "Prima Materia," "Ascension" and "Song of the Soul," all from Dreamflight III – a total of three-quarters of the music heard on the album.

Herb's music, having wide audience appeal, was selected as the entire soundtrack for the video and audiotape Meditation for Stress Reduction, narrated by Robert A. Schuller of television's Crystal Cathedral fame.

Herb has been heard on many major radio programs, including: Spa on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, Digital Music Express (DMX), Musical Starstreams, Across the Universe, Hearts of Space, Imaginary Voyage, and Echoes (to name a few).

Herb produces his high quality albums through his own recording label Musical Voyages.  Paul Speer (of Natural States fame and who has collaborated with David Lanz and Tangerine Dream and many others), mixed all three albums of The Dreamflight Trilogy.

Herb Ernst has produced unique music that has touched all walks of life with both its delicate and powerful qualities.  As he continues to evolve, so his music does also.  Through the careful use of specific synthesized sounds to create tonal symbols, his music creates a magical space for the heart, mind and soul.




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