Herb is a composer and musician from the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.  His focus is to produce gentle, intuitive music to aid in the healing of our wonderful world.


Jack Clarke, author of Life After Grief -- A Soul Journey After Suicide, said of Herb:  "When meeting him, the source of his marvelous music is better understood, for Herb Ernst is an extraordinary spiritual being.  Perhaps that is why Shirley MacLaine chose his music for three-fourths of her Going Within double audiocassette.  His Dreamflight Trilogy is one of the finest sets of New Age music tapes ever created."


Herb was born in San Diego, California, on March 11, 1950.  He began piano lessons at age eight.  As his father was in the military, the family traveled extensively in both Europe and the United States.  In his youth, Herb developed an interest in metaphysics and a love for meditation.  With meditation he explored new musical forms and the possibilities of using music for meditative purposes.


Herb entered college to study music but became disenchanted with structured musical ideas and methodology and felt out of phase with the pedagogical emphasis on discordant harmonies.  As a new social awareness was developing in the 1960's, he changed his major from music to sociology and graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology in 1972.  Having a strong interest in electronics since his youth, in 1977, he returned to school to earn an Associate of Science degree in electronics.  Herb then began to experiment with combining his knowledge of electronics with music.


Having an enduring fascination with the vibrational energies of sound, light and color, he built a large electric "lightbox" (a.k.a. “Lumia”) directly connected to the eighty-eight keys of a piano; when a key is played, a corresponding light illuminates --- twelve colored lights in all (one for each tone of the chromatic scale), arranged in the sequence of the rainbow spectrum.  Unlike chaotic, randomly flashing "disco" lights, this device renders colors in geometric patterns that correspond note-for-note to the music being played.


With his sociological perspective and background in psychology, coupled with his musical prowess and electronics expertise, Herb has achieved a unique integration of metaphysics, meditation, music and electronics and, through this process, has been able to attune with deeper levels of sensitivity to create music that incorporates tonal symbols to create intuitive meaning to enable the listener to commune and communicate with the Inner, or Higher, Self.  (There is more information about tonal symbols under the WRITINGS heading on this website.)





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