INTUITIVE MUSIC is music that has, at its core, inspiration from one’s Inner, or Higher, Self, often containing melodic themes discovered while in a meditative state.  Its power comes from the sensitive use of archetypal tonal symbols (symbols being the language of the subconscious mind).  Trills symbolize Cosmic vibrations; soaring string sounds symbolize radiating Life Force; chimes symbolize focused thought energy; descending scales and arpeggios symbolize the influx of Divine Power into matter; ascending scales and arpeggios symbolize the uplifting of consciousness through attunement with the Higher Self; minor chords symbolize introspection and centering; major chords symbolize expansion of consciousness and empowerment of spirit; water sounds symbolize the stream of consciousness; wind sounds symbolize astral flight; reverberation, echo effects and tempo deceleration symbolize the limitlessness of time, space and Mind.

It was through the desire to incorporate these tonal symbols into music that would affect the listener at one’s innermost spiritual levels, that the creation of The Dreamflight Trilogy was begun.

Dreamflight facilitates the attainment of a relaxed, meditative state, inducing a deep sense of Inner Peace.

Dreamflight II enhances the attunement with the Universal Love-Intelligence, the Source of all Creation.

Dreamflight III celebrates this communion and the Oneness of all Being!

If you would like more information regarding the inspiration and symbolism behind The Dreamflight Trilogy, you can read the Commentary on the Dreamflight Trilogy also on this website.




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